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Small Business Sunday: Valley Ridge Partners

Testimonials for services and companies are the best way to gain insight. I personally have never worked with anyone in the small business lending space, but knowing entrepreneurs who have has been an incredible gateway to meeting brilliant people in finance. Jerel Harvey and Valley Ridge Partners are a wonderful resource for those seeking financing opportunities to grow their business.

This year Pamper Us Mobile Massage Services has really blossomed to being a powerful company in the mobile services space. The owner, Brandi Fox, was guided through each step of the financing process by Jerel from early in January to the grand opening of her Pamper Lounge in mid-September. Their partnership in business continues even after the grand opening as Brandi looks to continue to propel her business forward. So unlike other banks where their interactions are impersonal, Valley Ridge Partners provides a personalized customer service experience as well as custom products and services.

Jerel and Valley Ridge Partners are strong proponents of education and awareness of how small businesses can grow through financing opportunities. I’m excited for you all to listen to this conversation as the information flow is priceless. For more information about Valley Ridge Partners please visit the website, Facebook, email or give them a call at (704)701-7460.

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