Company Review Thursday · Marathon Petrolium

Company Review Thursday: Marathon Petrolium Corporation

Summer means the demand for gas is going to go up. People are starting vacations with every intention to drive long distance or put in some miles at American Airline or Southwest. So naturally as the demand for gas and oil go up, the price of petroleum based products will too. I’m not interested in investing directly into commodities,… Continue reading Company Review Thursday: Marathon Petrolium Corporation

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Small Business Sunday: Chimera’s Dream

So you may remember this Freestyle Friday post that featured a slideshow of pictures from my photo shoot with Gavin Boulware. I did an impromptu post just to show off the pictures because I really loved them. I talked a little bit about how he makes sure that his clients are comfortable and I’ve also… Continue reading Small Business Sunday: Chimera’s Dream

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Operation: Build Your Savings

Everyone should be looking for ways they can save a little bit for the future. Putting money away today for tomorrow is definitely something the millennial generation should focus on as we build stable careers or start families. In my savings strategy, there are three tiers of savings: short term, medium term and long term. Short-term saving is pretty… Continue reading Operation: Build Your Savings