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Wedding Series: Living Like You’re Broke

In one of my previous post, I mentioned some tactics I’ve implemented in my life to pay for a wedding, pay down student loan debt and save/invest for the future. While the post was pretty straight forward, I have to admit taking these type of self-disciplinary actions has been difficult.

You probably know by now, my Starbucks visits this year have diminished and some weeks I don’t even go at all. I also haven’t bought any new dresses since April. I miss frequenting Belk, DressBarn, Macy’s and other department stores with cute variety dresses for work/church. Every time I go into a mall I think “if I buy that dress, that’s going to push my credit card pay off back at least two weeks.” So there is definitely an internal struggle.

Imagine driving from Atlanta to Richmond, and you see those mile indicator signs on the side of I-85 steadily counting down. Early stages you’re excited and energized. But midway reality sets in a bit and you realize you can’t really turn back because you’ve come too far, but the trip doesn’t get any easier here on out. In the last quarter of the trip, you’re perspective is entirely different. You feel so close, but fatigue sets in and motivation is sometimes hard to find. Yes you can blast a bit of Formation or have A Seat At The Table, but the last part of the trip is sometimes the hardest mentally to push through. That’s where I find myself today as I’m in the last quarter of this journey to the altar.

We’re 80 days out and the decision to really buckle down this year and focus on chipping away at my debt has worn on me. But today I find a bit of a boost to continue “living like I’m broke” for three reasons:

  1.  My student loan balance is finally under $50,000. If you read my first post for goals this year, you’ll see my balance was about $56,000 to start off the year and I had gotten it to right at $53,000 in April. I’ve dug about $4,000 into the principle since April, which is technically behind my goal for the student loan, but it’s helped me make sure that…
  2. 65% of the wedding is completely paid off. That means it’s no longer on a credit card. I can’t tell you how great it is to literally only have to worry about paying for the reception and rehearsal dinner because everything else it taken care of.
  3. My investment returns this year have been a blessing from the Lord. Despite tumultuous market conditions and my contributions being lower than previous years, I’ve managed a 8.5% return since January of this year. I’ll have to make a separate post on rebalancing my portfolio.

All in all I’m starting to see glimmers of the end of this tunnel and I’m pressing my foot on the gas a little harder. This wedding series has definitely been a good one and still have a few more posts to come before 12/30. But until next post folks…


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