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Open Conversations: #BlackFinancesMatter

The black community is rising. I feel it. I know more people are opening their eyes to the reality that their current situation CAN be and SHOULD be improved. Not only socially gain respect, but also start building wealth so this country has no choice but to listen. African American people hold a significant amount… Continue reading Open Conversations: #BlackFinancesMatter

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Pantry Wars: Soup or PB&J?

Campbell Soup and Smucker’s are well known household brands. You’ve probably seen commercials about the Smucker’s Uncrustables or a throwback Campbell’s Tomato Soup ad all targeted to a family audience. Uncrustables appeal to the kids who don’t like the crust on their PB&J sandwich like me and Campbell’s Soup is clutch on those cold winter evenings you just… Continue reading Pantry Wars: Soup or PB&J?