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Market X’Analysis: About this cryptocurrency thing…

One of the most interesting positions I hold in my portfolio is the Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC). I guess by now the cryptocurrency hype has died down a bit, but the technology is not going anywhere. Back in July 2017, if you follow me on Facebook, you would have seen me posting about cryptocurrency and… Continue reading Market X’Analysis: About this cryptocurrency thing…

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Company Review Thursday: Arista Networks

If you haven’t heard of Arista Networks (ANET), consider this to be the warning shot of a fresh company in the super powered space of cloud networking. ANET has been trading publicly since 2014 and been serious about promoting its proprietary tools including the Extensible Operating System (EOS™) and cheaper alternatives to the hardware that… Continue reading Company Review Thursday: Arista Networks

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Freestyle Friday: The Black Elephant

I’m super happy to welcome back to the blog Salisbury native, Phillip Bush. Today I am highlighting his newest work called The Black Elephant. Phillip’s dedication to bringing a positive light to his hometown is the central focus in all of the songs. And it’s also clear by the cover art that the focus will be… Continue reading Freestyle Friday: The Black Elephant

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My (Late) Financial Goals 2017

Unfortunately this is only my second post of 2017 and almost an entire quarter has gone by without sharing my financial goals. However, 2017 has brought many changes including a change in the way I manage my assets and debts. With that being said: Get my student loan balance below $45,000. Last year I posted… Continue reading My (Late) Financial Goals 2017

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Small Business Sunday: Valley Ridge Partners

Testimonials for services and companies are the best way to gain insight. I personally have never worked with anyone in the small business lending space, but knowing entrepreneurs who have has been an incredible gateway to meeting brilliant people in finance. Jerel Harvey and Valley Ridge Partners are a wonderful resource for those seeking financing… Continue reading Small Business Sunday: Valley Ridge Partners

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Wedding Series: Living Like You’re Broke

In one of my previous post, I mentioned some tactics I’ve implemented in my life to pay for a wedding, pay down student loan debt and save/invest for the future. While the post was pretty straight forward, I have to admit taking these type of self-disciplinary actions has been difficult. You probably know by now, my… Continue reading Wedding Series: Living Like You’re Broke

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Small Business Sunday: Triple Whammy Sauces

Tailgating season is underway and what better way to have great tasting burgers and ribs fresh off the grill than with an incredible sauce. This is where Triple Whammy Sauces comes in for the win. Tyler Frazier began Triple Whammy Sauces back in 2011 while still in college. His creativity in the kitchen mixing sauces won… Continue reading Small Business Sunday: Triple Whammy Sauces