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The Infectious Disease Market

Welp…this year is shaking out to be a pretty crazy one. In this month alone, we’ve reached 52-week highs and 52-week lows in a matter of days of each other. The volatility caused by the election year’s uncertainty is only amplified by the infectious disease breakout threatening various countries. Those countries are also blocking travel… Continue reading The Infectious Disease Market

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Mergers and Acquisitions 2018: Technology Sector

This year has been a huge year for technology companies in the merger and acquisition space. You probably heard of the most recent one with IBM buying the open-source giant Red Hat a couple weeks ago. I honestly feel like $32 billion is a lot of money for anything, and if IBM had that money… Continue reading Mergers and Acquisitions 2018: Technology Sector

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Company Review: Adobe Inc.

Everything…and I mean everything…is going to the “cloud”. Companies are moving their large data center operations to cloud infrastructure…for good measure. Things are cheaper in the cloud. High capacity, highly available, scalable applications can be developed in the cloud, for the cloud, by the cloud. With that said, there’s definitely an opportunity to leverage the… Continue reading Company Review: Adobe Inc.

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Market X’Analysis: About this cryptocurrency thing…

One of the most interesting positions I hold in my portfolio is the Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC). I guess by now the cryptocurrency hype has died down a bit, but the technology is not going anywhere. Back in July 2017, if you follow me on Facebook, you would have seen me posting about cryptocurrency and… Continue reading Market X’Analysis: About this cryptocurrency thing…

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Company Review Thursday: Arista Networks

If you haven’t heard of Arista Networks (ANET), consider this to be the warning shot of a fresh company in the super powered space of cloud networking. ANET has been trading publicly since 2014 and been serious about promoting its proprietary tools including the Extensible Operating System (EOS™) and cheaper alternatives to the hardware that… Continue reading Company Review Thursday: Arista Networks