Where Have I Been?

Short answer: Getting my life.

Real Answer: I have been slowly returning to some state of normalcy after a really exciting yet stressful time of transitions.

As you may know, the primary driver to all the changes I’ve been going through this year was getting married to my favorite human. Absolutely blessed that God saw it fit to bless my life with someone who loves me, challenges me and supports me in everything.

What you may not know are all the struggles between this past November to February. Without too many details, my body really went through some things I’d never experienced before and it was literally depressing. In addition to moving to another city, I also had to find a new job. That job search took me through an emotional rollercoaster that tested me as a person. The process made me face the question “who am I really” head on. What I hadn’t realized until then was that I had allowed my career, finances, and my body to define who I am instead of fully taking on the identity that God created for me through faith.

Yes…I have always been a Christ follower, but my faith wasn’t where it needed to be so God put me in a situation unlike any I’d faced before. He pushed me in to desiring Him more than I desired being in my comfort zone. Now don’t get me wrong. God gives wisdom and prudence to make good decisions so my perspective on investing and its importance to financial growth hasn’t changed. My perspective on technology, healthy living and education haven’t changed either. But my dependence on God changed significantly, which in turn changed my life in ways I never thought possible.

Now, God has restored every part of me that was tested through November 2016-February 2017. I have a clean home to share with my husband and he keeps a full belly (for the most part…his stomach is like a blackhole so…I try). My body has been restored and I have a job I absolutely love at a company I feel at home with. I also have an entire new skill set in the mobile application development world I wouldn’t have if God hadn’t put me through that test. The only thing that’s been missing, has been this blog. I’m so glad to get back to talking about investing, my personal student loan woes and general fiscal responsibility. So first order of business: disclose my (late) financial goals for 2017.


Until next post folks…

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