Amazon Inc. · Company Review Thursday

Company Review Thursday: Amazon Inc

Online shopping has hit fever pitch in the United States. Some shop online for fear of going out and the dangers malls, department stores and outlet malls present. Others shop online for the comfort of having items conveniently delivered to your doorstep. Needless to say millions of people did their Christmas shopping online or from… Continue reading Company Review Thursday: Amazon Inc

Company Review Thursday · Dow Chemical

Company Review Thursday: Dow Chemical

Last week my dad made the request that I do a review of Dow Chemical. At first glance, Dow seems like a boring option, but they have made a few headlines recently so investigation was actually entertaining. Founded in 1917, Dow Company is one of the longest standing companies in the United States. Dow has successfully operated its business in 5 different segments including… Continue reading Company Review Thursday: Dow Chemical

Asset Allocation · Diversification · Retirement

Building your Retirement

Where to begin? Retirement planning is by no means an easy task, but it’s necessary. One of the key strategies for long term investing in my opinion is asset allocation. The other is diversification. Asset Allocation is a strategy used to leverage risk against reward by assigning a dollar value (or percentage) to a particular asset based… Continue reading Building your Retirement

Company Review Thursday · Under Armour

Company Review Thursday: Under Armour Inc.

Having signed the likes of Misty Copeland, Tom Brady, Stephen Curry, Cam Newton, Natasha Hastings and Eddie Lacy, it seems like Under Armour definitely has a long list of champions and greats on its team roster. Providing high end athletic gear is the core of Under Armour’s business and they do pretty good job of… Continue reading Company Review Thursday: Under Armour Inc.