I am first and foremost a child of God. God is my source, Jesus is my Savior and the Holy Spirit is my Strength. I genuinely find myself in Christ first.

Then I’d say I’m definitely a daddy’s girl. We kind of look alike and we kind of like the same stuff…except we cannot agree on an NFL football team. He’s a Steelers fan while I’m a diehard Patriots fan. We have no clue where my mom comes in. She’s a 49er’s fan, but loves Jamis Winston and Mike Vick. But I’m her daughter too. Some people think we look a lot alike, but we definitely have contrasting personalities. However, she taught me to stand for what I believe in and to be a voice for those who dont know they have one yet. None the less, they are my parents and I think they did a pretty good job raising me to treat others the way I want to be treated, honor them as my parents and hold the Words of God close to my heart.

Next I would probably say I’m an avid reader/researcher. I love all things investing, clearly, but I also find great pleasure in cooking, working out and now writing. I am pretty easy going, I enjoy giving off positive vibes and encouraging people I come in contact with. I’m very passionate about making sure people know all the opportunities that they have available to them especially through investing. We have come to a time when the wealth gaps in the US have constantly grown year after year because of the lack of information transferred among all citizens on investment opportunities. I want to make a bit of a dent in the number of people who are unaware.

I take tremendous pride in my hometown. Charlotte aka The Queen City is a city of great opportunity and it’s growing so quickly. I definitely encourage anyone to visit for a while and see what real southern hospitality is like, catch a glimpse of our charming skyline and immerse yourself in our southern drawl. I also have a lot of pride in my alma mater, THE University of Richmond (Go Spiders). I owe that place many thanks for my BS degree which has opened many doors to me, including the door into East Carolina University. I owe Pirate Nation thanks for a great experience and for opening the door to my first trips to Europe while getting my MBA. I can’t forget I’m also a member of the NC State Wolfpack now as I pursue my Masters of Accounting and CPA/CISA. And to my illustrious sorority, ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SORORITY INCORPORATED goes all of my love. Skee-Wee my sorors, Skee-Wee.

But finally, you can generally find me with a Starbucks cup in hand, listening to Boney James, armed with Becker CPA Exam Review books while checking out my portfolio on my broker’s mobile app. I’m a software engineer by trade with dreams of earning my CPA to serve as a strategic accountant for small businesses and portfolio managers somewhere down the road. But regardless of where you see me, whether, in person or virtually, you’re welcome to say hi or ask a few questions!

Love always,

X. Johnson

21 thoughts on “About

  1. You go sis! Reading this was such an inspiration. Funny enough we look a bit alike and have very much in common. Will definitely be following your blog. So happy to have found this jewel. God Bless!!


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  3. You’re right in saying the wealth gaps have certainly increased in the US due to lack of insight. I’m truly thankful to my parents for being harsh to me about compelling me to develop this habit of fending for myself right at that early age. I had to begin paying for my insurance ever since I took up that summer job!


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