New Perspective, Same Blog

If you told me 3 years ago I’d be where I am in life today, I wouldn’t believe you. I’m healthy, happy, and mentally whole. I’m grateful and more honest with myself about who I am in Christ than before. It could be said that the first time I went on hiatus, I was trying to change for others. I was adjusting to life trying to get back to who I was before I had to stop blogging. But trying to go back in time to capture momentum, I’ve learned, isn’t possible.

And sometimes, it’s hard to know who you are if you find your identity in what you do or what you have. In the past couple of years, I struggled with consistency. I was on the road every week for work, tired, not working out, not eating healthy, and trying to overcompensate for what I knew were my own personal deficiencies. It didn’t take long until I found myself on a trip to Hawaii with my husband, but internally reflecting on just how broken my life had become. That trip was a “come to Jesus” trip for me. It was a trip that changed my perspective and my life. I accepted responsibility for what I could control in my life and relieved myself from worrying about what I couldn’t control.

Then came 2019. A year that tested my resolve. Tested how dedicated I was to protect my peace. It tested how I handled myself in the face of disappointments and bad news. It tested my stamina and how well I produced the fruit of the spirit (see Galatians 5:22-23). The past year has brought new experiences, a renewed mind, and a new kind of love. It’s shown me I still love finance. I still love technology. I still love small businesses. And it showed me I really do miss blogging about those things.

I could go on and on about what the past few years have brought out of me, but no need. I’m just ready to move forward and continue preaching financial literacy and stock market investing to whoever comes by. So cheers to blogging, yet again, in 2020.


2 thoughts on “New Perspective, Same Blog

  1. My face lit up when I received the notification for your new blog post. I immediately rushed to read it and so so glad I did. This just blessed my entire life! It’s so interesting how we try to go back instead of moving forward with what we have gained and learned. I am realizing as well that you can’t run from what you love, it will always be there. So thank you for this word and inspiration on this journey.

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