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Lights…Camera…Action: The Introduction

X is for Xcellent is taking on a new perspective. Instead of simply writing, or just audio recording, it’s time to take things up a notch to video interviews with small business owners. This particular segment of X is for Xcellent will be called Lights…Camera…Action…  as I look to make sure to shine the light on the small businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals that I’m talking with and what it is they do. This is a way to show how these talented people actually operate instead of just talking about them doing what they do.

My videographer, Milanio Drummond, is first off a husband and father whose passion for cinematography is clear through his work and conversation. He is also a veteran who has served his country with pride. A personal post on him is coming up soon but I am incredibly thankful for his time and talent. I absolutely love how this first video turned out!!!

Also want to thank Jamar Flowers for being the first person to walk with me in the video realm. With his art and perspective at the focus, Jamar surprised me with an impromptu drawing lesson. So you know this video definitely includes comedy. Hope you enjoy.

For booking and all contacts for Milanio, email him at and visit his website at to see his crown jewel movie production.

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