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The Man Behind the Camera: Milanio Drummond

If you have not seen these two episodes of the Lights…Camera…Action series, definitely go watch them here and here. Neither of those two productions would be possible if it was not for the cinematographic genius of Milanio Drummond. Milanio was originally inspired to get involved in film making back in middle school drama. He realized early on that being behind the camera gives you a unique opportunity to mold the emotional development of a film or video. By him having such a strong cinematographic intuition, Milanio makes it seem easy to choose which shots would leave the strongest imprint on the viewers mind.

Milanio developed his craft further by obtaining his bachelors degree in digital film making and video production at the Art Institute of Charlotte after a career in the United States Army. While there, he created his cinematographic thesis titled Crooked Smile, based on a long time interest in horror films. Crooked Smile to this day would still be considered Milanio’s crown jewel and if you check out this trailer you will see exactly why! He created this particular piece from scratch and put three years of effort into developing it to the artwork it is. He wrote the script, directed, and recorded the short film.

But to say Milanio is a one dimensional individual would be truly naive. Not only is his videography superb, but his photography and DJ skill are A-1 as well. To check out more of Milanio’s work and see what all he has to offer, definitely look him up on Facebook on his business page or email him at m.drumline@gmail.com. But definitely listen to the entire podcast as Milanio has a special treat for any clients who listen all the way through his interview with us on X is for Xcellent. You really don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to work with a local Charlotte talent.

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