Mid-Year Reflections

In the wake of all the tragic events that happened this week, I just want to press reset. I want to start this week over again, so the lives of all the people whose lives were taken way to soon would come back. Their families could cherish one more moment with them and they would enjoy the lives they once lived. But time moves on. I pray this nation learns from the mistakes of the few and reform the politics and justice system to apply the law equally among all people.

With that being said, I also need a reset button on my enthusiasm for my finances this year. I started the year with so many goals in mind, but now I’m just trying to fight my way to December. My student loan is still sickening, my portfolio has taken some hard hits over the Brexit situation and general unease in the markets, and the wedding expenses are just continuing to flow from my account like water. Inspired by Gavin from gavinboulware.com and his personal goals grading system, here is an analysis of where I am and where I wanted to be financially and with this blog:

  1. Student Loan – In April, my balance was right at $53,200 and now it’s at $51,030. I’ve paid $2,170 towards the principle of my student loan since April. That I give myself a pat on the back for. I’m not quite on track for getting this balance to $45,000 by the end of this year, but I’m going to get it as close as possible by December. Grade: B+
  2. Wedding Budget – I said back in my post on the wedding budget that when we added everything up we would spend about $27,000 on everything. Right now based on knowing about 90% of the actual expenses we will be paying about $20,000. We have overshot pricing on the remaining line items so hopefully come December we will have still a few more bucks to put towards the house. Grade: B
  3. Brokerage Account – Lord knows there are so many companies I wish I could purchase over the past couple weeks, but because I’m short on cash I’ve had to make some bargain moves with companies that cost less that $20/share. I made a Brexit purchase that has already made me money back. And back in February, I had to change brokers so I took a hit on transaction fees and such that I have actually fully recovered by making less than 10 portfolio adjustments over the past 6 months. I’ve been working within my means on this. Grade: A
  4. Blogging – So there are weeks when I really am unmovitated to blog or what I want to write is a bit more complex than what I want to present to people on this forum. That’s why I’m thankful for a radio show and now a podcast on iTunes to be able to talk things out and to brag about the super talented friends I have with small businesses. I’ve got a few other things planned for X is for Xcellent in the near future so definitely excited to keep this thing going. If you had told me a year ago I’d have a blog and a podcast today, I wouldn’t believe you. But God opens doors at just the right time. Grade: A
  5. Savings – I wanted to be able to save at least 6 months worth of expenses for myself by the end of the year. I’m at exactly 4 months worth of expenses in my savings account and that is definitely positive. Grade: A

So how is everyone else doing with their financial goals for the year? I’d love to hear about them. Leave ’em below.

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