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Small Business Sunday: Triple Whammy Sauces

Tailgating season is underway and what better way to have great tasting burgers and ribs fresh off the grill than with an incredible sauce. This is where Triple Whammy Sauces comes in for the win. Tyler Frazier began Triple Whammy Sauces back in 2011 while still in college. His creativity in the kitchen mixing sauces won him a reputation for being “that BBQ sauce guy”. His company’s reputation then grew based on the unique spin he puts in what would otherwise be a rather traditional sauce.

Tyler is admittedly a driven individual.  He is constantly pursuing perfection and always wants to make sure he puts his best sauce forward. Listening to his five year business plan you can easily hear he is willing to step outside of his comfort zone for ambition’s sake. His passion for growing his brand is further amplified with a mindset to give back to the community.Tyler has a heart for charity and making sure, if he can help it, that no one will go hungry at any event Triple Whammy Sauces is featured.

Definitely take a listen to the interview to hear the story behind the company’s unique name, the plans on a potential Annual Triple Whammy Cookout and more. If you are interested in finding more information on Triple Whammy Sauces or just want some to have on your ribs and burgers for an upcoming tailgate, go ahead and check it out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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