Podcast · STEM

Black in STEM: Part 1

So being in the world of Software Engineering as an African American woman has actually been a lonely road since graduation. I honestly haven’t been on very many development teams with anyone else I can relate to. It goes without saying that people are more likely to cultivate relationships with people who they can relate to and if you can’t relate to anyone in the workplace it can be a detriment to your career. Finding someone who is where I want to be and who is willing to mentor me in that direction has been hard, so I figured I’d ask Facebook if others, not just in IT, but in all Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics fields felt the same way.

And from that Black in STEM parts 1 and 2 were born.

Part one highlights that while the STEM majors in college were challenging, the careers are very diverse and plenteous. My guests Britney Epps, Glasher Robinson, and Tompson Lubin each spoke about how diversity, or lack there of, in the classroom effected their college experience. Then we discussed how our understanding of diversity in our respective majors transitioned upon starting our current professions. We summed it all up with how we can bring more African American people in STEM and ensure the next generation is aware of all the available scholarships, internship and co-op opportunities that are available. Take a listen…Part 2 coming soon.


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