Freestyle Friday: The Cost of Allergy Care

I decided instead of just saying I should write a post on how much allergies can cost, I’m actually doing it. I’m doing it for my fellow allergy sufferers. Thoanaphylaxisse without allergies have no idea what we go through from waking up like Will Smith in the movie Hitch, or dealing with the constant sneezing or nasal passages that look like coin slots instead of open ovals. Here’s to all of you who are in the local convenience store on a regular basis stocking up on the allergy supplies.

Now that I’m done throwing a bit of shade at the non-allergy suffering population, I’ll get to the finances. Here’s what my last Target receipt for allergies alone looked like:


Item Price
Ricola LemonMint Drops 19 cnt 3.87
Benedryl Allergy 24 tablets $5.99
Orbit Sweet Mint 3 pck $2.37
Advil Liquid Gel 40 ct $5.69
Total (pre-tax) $17.92

Now I don’t know about all of you allergy sufferers, but I probably shop for this stuff alone at least 3 times between mid-March and May. Then add North Carolina’s state sales tax at 6.75%, I’m easily paying $19.13 per visit for allergy stuff alone. Multiply that by the 3 trips I have to make during the pollen/hayfever season and that’s about $58 spent on allergies. And don’t let me forget to bring these items on a weekend trip somewhere like Richmond, VA or Atlanta, GA where my allergies exponentially get worse. That’s another trip to register at the local CVS and brings my total amount spent on allergies close to $77 give or take a dollar. That would pay for me another 15 shares of Frontier Communications, another 3 shares of Cisco, or at least an extra few bucks to spend on the wedding.

But no…Mother Nature just has to come for my face (literally) every year and get me for an extra $58-$77. Like why can’t she just be happy with my personal efforts to recycle and be energy efficient?

I hope you have a great weekend folks. I just had to get this off my chest.

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