Wedding Series

Wedding Series: Picking the Date

I know I generally like to write about finance topics, but it’s spring time/time for peak season weddings and I’m thrilled about it. The beautiful bursts of colors and warm weather both lend themselves to make a perfect environment celebrate love. I’m in 3 weddings this year during the peak season and I’m super excited and honored to apart of them. I’ve… Continue reading Wedding Series: Picking the Date


Freestyle Friday: The Cost of Allergy Care

I decided instead of just saying I should write a post on how much allergies can cost, I’m actually doing it. I’m doing it for my fellow allergy sufferers. Those without allergies have no idea what we go through from waking up like Will Smith in the movie Hitch, or dealing with the constant sneezing or nasal passages that… Continue reading Freestyle Friday: The Cost of Allergy Care