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Small Business Sunday: Napier Designs

Let it be known that  Allante Whitmore is a phenomenal woman in every way. Her education and primary focus through both her undergraduate and masters degree programs was agricultural and bio-engineering. She is a lady of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated with great enthusiasm for educating people about the opportunities bio-fuel will bring in the upcoming years. But as with many engineers, Allante has created a channel for herself to express her creativity and she calls it Napier Designs.

Napier Designs is a Detroit-based company primarily focused on creating custom jewelry and house decor. Napier Designs operates in similar fashion as the ever popular ‘Paint with a Twist’ parties or Pampered Chef™ parties. Allante brings the supplies for you and a group of friends to create your own custom designed jewelry/home decor and you just bring your creative vibes (and maybe some wine). If you’re feeling creative and want to walk away from hanging out with your closest friends feeling accomplished, Napier Designs is definitely the way to go.


In the interview below one of my favorite clips comes from the part where we talk about the future growth plans for Napier Designs. Because it is such a unique way to create memories for groups of people, the idea is primed for growth in major cities around the US. If you are a bead or home decor designer, interested in helping to bring Napier Designs to your city, or looking to host a party in your city, definitely contact Allante via email, her website or give her a call at (313)574-6542. Take a listen and enjoy.

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