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The iHope Campaign x Phillip Bush

Music is one of the most powerful sources of motivation, emotion, actions and thoughts. Music touches the heart and the soul in such a unique way that it is important to think about what we listen to. It’s not always obvious that the messages we get from music can be internalized until you can’t get a song out of your head and can’t quit singing it. The type of songs I want to get stuck in my head have a positive, empowering or thoughtful message. When creating the iHope Campaign EP, these were three of the most important themes in Phillip Bush‘s mind.

He wanted to create music not only for the masses, but he also wanted to represent his own life and perspective. As with many artists, finding his sound, tone and message took a bit of exploration, but soon enough he found his rhythm rapping about his view on what all is going on in the world. We are in a world that can be depressing and disengaging to those of us in the African American community today. Phillip’s music addresses the perspective of a black man in this society tasked with protecting and dreaming for the life he has with his wife and children. His music is also a reflection of his Christian beliefs in that he has vowed to keep his message clean and honest. It’s an EP you can safely play with children and older people in the room.

With this in mind, take a listen to the podcast to hear clips of the songs from the iHope Campaign EP and also be sure to go download his music at any of the links below.

iTunes –

Google Play-…/…/Phillip_Bush_The_iHope_Campaign…

Amazon –…/…/B01IGCDY5G

Apple Music –

Tidal –

Cheers to #MusicMonday and until next post folks…

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