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Small Business Sunday: Chimera’s Dream

So you may remember this Freestyle Friday post that featured a slideshow of pictures from my photo shoot with Gavin Boulware. I did an impromptu post just to show off the pictures because I really loved them. I talked a little bit about how he makes sure that his clients are comfortable and I’ve also talked about his trademark Jordan’s at shoots. But I didn’t discuss how Chimera’s Dream does more than just offer photography sessions.

Chimera’s Dream is about making your dreams come true. It’s about helping you make the right steps towards the goals you have set. It’s about helping you realize the dreams that are locked away in your heart.

Gavin may be one of the most straight-forward people I’ve ever met, but he always delivers from a place of sincerity. He has a real heart for uplifting other business owners and young men/women looking to better themselves. Gavin will sit down with you one on one to help you develop a marketing plan or a social media presence for your company. And he has a special appeal to young people because of his sense of style and his high NBA IQ.  The reality is: Gavin is naturally able to meet people where ever they are in their life or business ownership. Because of his free flowing communication style, his creativity spills out in the form of progress inducing ideas to help others fulfill their dreams.

You honestly have to listen to the full interview here with Gavin below. I promise you’ll enjoy hearing about Gavin and all his future plans and services through Chimera’s Dream.

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