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Wedding Series: Living Like You’re Broke

In one of my previous post, I mentioned some tactics I’ve implemented in my life to pay for a wedding, pay down student loan debt and save/invest for the future. While the post was pretty straight forward, I have to admit taking these type of self-disciplinary actions has been difficult. You probably know by now, my… Continue reading Wedding Series: Living Like You’re Broke

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Wedding Series: Let’s Get Fit Pt. 2

I’m almost positive that if you were to see my dress hanging up on a rack, you would identify it as a dress I would wear. My personal tastes are all over this dress and it really fits me in every way…literally and figuratively. That’s why a diet to maintain my current weight, shape and… Continue reading Wedding Series: Let’s Get Fit Pt. 2

Wedding Series

Wedding Series: Picking the Date

I know I generally like to write about finance topics, but it’s spring time/time for peak season weddings and I’m thrilled about it. The beautiful bursts of colors and warm weather both lend themselves to make a perfect environment celebrate love. I’m in 3 weddings this year during the peak season and I’m super excited and honored to apart of them. I’ve… Continue reading Wedding Series: Picking the Date