Freestyle Friday: The Cost of Allergy Care

I decided instead of just saying I should write a post on how much allergies can cost, I’m actually doing it. I’m doing it for my fellow allergy sufferers. Those without allergies have no idea what we go through from waking up like Will Smith in the movie Hitch, or dealing with the constant sneezing or nasal passages that… Continue reading Freestyle Friday: The Cost of Allergy Care

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Company Review Thursday: MasterCard

In terms of means to pay, I prefer to see cash. That’s just me though. Fortunately the world progresses at a faster pace than my preferences, and hence the popularity of credit cards. In a digital world, we need to be able to pay for things quickly, efficiently and securely. But what if those conditions… Continue reading Company Review Thursday: MasterCard

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BYOB: Build Your Own Business

Hey folks!! It’s been a while but so much exciting stuff has happened the last two weeks. First my investment group got featured in the Better Investing Magazine and second the CEO of the National Association of Investment Clubs wrote me a letter saying she enjoyed reading about my group and looks forward to hearing more… Continue reading BYOB: Build Your Own Business