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My (Late) Financial Goals 2017

Unfortunately this is only my second post of 2017 and almost an entire quarter has gone by without sharing my financial goals. However, 2017 has brought many changes including a change in the way I manage my assets and debts. With that being said: Get my student loan balance below $45,000. Last year I posted… Continue reading My (Late) Financial Goals 2017

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Open Conversations: #BlackFinancesMatter

The black community is rising. I feel it. I know more people are opening their eyes to the reality that their current situation CAN be and SHOULD be improved. Not only socially gain respect, but also start building wealth so this country has no choice but to listen. African American people hold a significant amount… Continue reading Open Conversations: #BlackFinancesMatter

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Operation: Build Your Savings

Everyone should be looking for ways they can save a little bit for the future. Putting money away today for tomorrow is definitely something the millennial generation should focus on as we build stable careers or start families. In my savings strategy, there are three tiers of savings: short term, medium term and long term. Short-term saving is pretty… Continue reading Operation: Build Your Savings