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Operation: Build Your Savings

Everyone should be looking for ways they can save a little bit for the future. Putting money away today for tomorrow is definitely something the millennial generation should focus on as we build stable careers or start families. In my savings strategy, there are three tiers of savings: short term, medium term and long term. Short-term saving is pretty… Continue reading Operation: Build Your Savings

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Building your Retirement

Where to begin? Retirement planning is by no means an easy task, but it’s necessary. One of the key strategies for long term investing in my opinion is asset allocation. The other is diversification. Asset Allocation is a strategy used to leverage risk against reward by assigning a dollar value (or percentage) to a particular asset based… Continue reading Building your Retirement

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So you’re eligible for the retirement program at work…now what?

After your first 90 days at your new job, you received an extensive email explaining the details of the Retirement Investment Program that is now available to you. Other times you’ll get a large packet of information in the mail from the investment company on behalf of your place of employment with information on the 401k or 403b accounts you… Continue reading So you’re eligible for the retirement program at work…now what?