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The Exchange with XchangeNC

One thing you should never doubt is the power of the entrepreneurial spirit. It’s hard to resist building your own business especially when you are looking to build a lasting legacy in your community using something you are passionate about as the foundation. Hence, it’s easy to see how Cory Bennett got tangled up in the entrepreneurial spirit… Continue reading The Exchange with XchangeNC

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Freestyle Friday: Saving Our Edges

Happy Friday everyone. Hope you are enjoying the first Friday of June. I simply could not wait to get this post up because this interview is so important. It’s about something many of us ladies and gentlemen really hold dear to our hearts. Our Edges. If you haven’t seen the Save My Edges pledge video, please check it out before… Continue reading Freestyle Friday: Saving Our Edges

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Small Business Sunday: Chimera’s Dream

So you may remember this Freestyle Friday post that featured a slideshow of pictures from my photo shoot with Gavin Boulware. I did an impromptu post just to show off the pictures because I really loved them. I talked a little bit about how he makes sure that his clients are comfortable and I’ve also… Continue reading Small Business Sunday: Chimera’s Dream

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Small Business Sunday: Pamper Us MMS L.L.C.

Five years ago today, you would have found Brandi Fox muddling through the internet looking up how to get a business license, how to register the business with the county and everything she can find to help her get her new business idea off the ground. Inspired by a Valentine’s Day massage with her husband,… Continue reading Small Business Sunday: Pamper Us MMS L.L.C.

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Small Business Sunday: Fitness Destination

In 2008, Barack Obama was elected the first African American President of the United States. President Barack Obama marked a period of significant change in this country from healthcare to international affairs. 2008 also marked a year which Jamaal Miller saw some of his close family members pass away from health issues like diabetes, respiratory issues… Continue reading Small Business Sunday: Fitness Destination