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Company Review Thursday: Arista Networks

If you haven’t heard of Arista Networks (ANET), consider this to be the warning shot of a fresh company in the super powered space of cloud networking. ANET has been trading publicly since 2014 and been serious about promoting its proprietary tools including the Extensible Operating System (EOS™) and cheaper alternatives to the hardware that… Continue reading Company Review Thursday: Arista Networks

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Pantry Wars: Soup or PB&J?

Campbell Soup and Smucker’s are well known household brands. You’ve probably seen commercials about the Smucker’s Uncrustables or a throwback Campbell’s Tomato Soup ad all targeted to a family audience. Uncrustables appeal to the kids who don’t like the crust on their PB&J sandwich like me and Campbell’s Soup is clutch on those cold winter evenings you just… Continue reading Pantry Wars: Soup or PB&J?

Company Review Thursday · Marathon Petrolium

Company Review Thursday: Marathon Petrolium Corporation

Summer means the demand for gas is going to go up. People are starting vacations with every intention to drive long distance or put in some miles at American Airline or Southwest. So naturally as the demand for gas and oil go up, the price of petroleum based products will too. I’m not interested in investing directly into commodities,… Continue reading Company Review Thursday: Marathon Petrolium Corporation

Company Review Thursday · Healthcare · ResMed

Company Review Thursday: ResMed Inc.

Sleep is important. Crown me Captain Obvious for this, but when we sleep our bodies are resting, repairing and recharging. Not getting adequate sleep shows up in so many facets of life including the physical dark circles around your eyes to the perpetual state of fatigue. If we aren’t breathing well while we sleep, the problems compound… Continue reading Company Review Thursday: ResMed Inc.

Company Review Thursday

Company Review Thursday: Duke Energy

Some of you may not know this, but the Utilities sector is probably one of the most regulated sectors in the US Markets. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is responsible for regulating the wholesale movements of oil, natural gas, and electricity across state lines as well as making sure mergers do not breach any… Continue reading Company Review Thursday: Duke Energy

Company Review Thursday · Skyworks

Company Review Thursday: Skyworks Solutions Inc.

It’s Thursday, so you know if I don’t post on any other day, Thursday is almost a guarantee. This week I want to take a look at a company in the Apple Inc supply chain called Skyworks Solutions, Inc. Having capable hardware to comply with the extremely high security standards Apple has set out for… Continue reading Company Review Thursday: Skyworks Solutions Inc.

Company Review Thursday · Merck & Co.

Company Review Thursday: Merck & Co.

In honor of Black History Month, it’s only fair to highlight a company that has an African American at the reigns. The CEO, President and Chairman of the Board of Merck & Co. since 2011 is 61 year-old Kenneth Frazier. Frazier wears a lot of hats at Merck, but that doesn’t keep him from being the Director of… Continue reading Company Review Thursday: Merck & Co.