Tasia’s 100k Portfolio 2018

Well look who finally got the opportunity to blog about the things she loves again! Just know Jesus is out here answering prayers and making ways so I encourage ya’ll to send up a few prayers!

If you follow any of my personal pages, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you’ll see I have a few posts with the hashtag #Tasias100kPortfolio2018. Well in short…that is my goal for 2018. By December 31, 2018 at 11:59pm, I want to have $100k dollars in my combined investment accounts. Now I can’t say that this will be an easy feat because I have a pretty big hill to climb and debt to pay off still. But I am going to do everything I can to make sure I get to that goal and blog about the journey. So to help me stay organized, I’ve already pre-packaged some of my blog posts into the topics as follows:

  1. The Monthly Rebalancing Act – every month I plan to take a look at my portfolio and find the companies that haven’t been producing the way I needed them to over the previous 3-6 months. My goal is growth so everything in my portfolio must grow. I’ll be sharing analysis of some of the companies that are in the hot seat for the month and how I decided to sell or keep them.
  2. Market X’Analysis– Yeah…no typo here. It’s pretty well known that there is a silent X and an apostrophe in my name. So to pay homage to one of the things that make me unique,  I’m adding it to signify posts that contain my perspective of what’s going on in the stock market. I want to talk about the news I read from the stock market and talk about how it could affect the average investor. Topics like the interest rate hikes or how lawsuits hit company’s stock valuation are fair game in the Market X’Analysis.
  3. What ya Gonna Buy? – If I sold something during my Monthly Rebalancing Act,  or once I get a few dollars in my brokerage account, I want to have a purchase plan. Can’t just let money just sit there and not be working for me as hard as I worked for it.

Hopefully, that keeps me busy enough through the year to make sure I’m consistent on the blog again. I really am excited to get back to blogging. I never realized how therapeutic this blog was until I couldn’t post about my investing victories and woes anymore. I appreciate the accountability of sharing my investment journey with whoever reads and I hope I can inspire others to seek ways to build wealth through investing.

Be sure to keep track of #Tasias100kPortfolio2018 over the next few months and until next post folks…

One thought on “Tasia’s 100k Portfolio 2018

  1. This is so exciting and I’m so glad that you’re able to share this journey with everyone! Thank you for shedding light on investing and giving us all hope to do it ourselves.


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