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My (Late) Financial Goals 2017

Unfortunately this is only my second post of 2017 and almost an entire quarter has gone by without sharing my financial goals. However, 2017 has brought many changes including a change in the way I manage my assets and debts. With that being said:

  1. Get my student loan balance below $45,000. Last year I posted that I finally got my balance below $50,000. This year I want to make another $4,000 dent in the principle balance this year and I definitely need to…
  2. Contribute at least 15% of my salary to my 401k. While paying for the wedding, I reduced my contributions to my 401k to bring home a few extra bucks. This go around, I need a tax shelter to bring my taxable income to a lower bracket so boosting my 401k contributions again will help me accomplish that.
  3. Pay off ALL my credit card debt. This is pretty straight forward. My strategy is to transfer balances to my 0% interest card so I can pay the debt off quicker. But the goal is to have a $0 balance on my cards before 2018.
  4. Save $5,000. This is pretty ambitious considering all the other goals I have above this, but this is necessary. I have to replentish my savings to be able to afford 6 months worth of expenses for the entire home.
  5. Get back to buying (new) stocks. Last year, I did a lot of rebalancing in my portfolio. I sold things that weren’t getting me sufficient returns and purchased some growth stocks with the proceeds. In January, I simply sold stocks and downsized my portfolio holdings.The goal this year is to supply my brokerage account with enough money to round out the number of shares for every one of my current holdings and to invest in 3 additional stocks. Again this is a little ambitious, but it’s definitely on the goal list.

    I’ll be keeping you all posted on how I’m doing for this years goals and starting up my company reviews again soon.

    Until next post folks…

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