Keep Pressing Forward w/ Vivian Jones

You may know her as Vivian Jones, but I know her as Aunt Viv. Her bubbly personality is contagious and her words are always authentic and sincere. I met her back in January and I felt like I’ve known her for decades. I’m super proud of her to have accomplished so much this year and for achieving goals she has set out for herself. Her story is nothing short of inspiring, and I hope you take to heart the advice she gives.

As often as possible, Vivian shares her passion for artistic expression with people of all ages. She serves at a YMCA creative writing class but her gift is so versatile, she can also get a group artists together to perform for a night of cultural unity. It’s a known fact that the gifts you have will make room for you, and Vivian’s life is an active depiction of just that. She excels in whatever environment she is in and in all things, she gives God glory.

I would encourage you to attend her upcoming show tomorrow August 24th in Greensboro, NC titled Let’s Spill the Tea, but it’s already sold out!! But have no fear, Aunt Viv will have many more events later in the year that will foster safety for your thoughts and creativity. So be sure to keep up with her via email, Facebook or Instagram.to see what she’s up to. You literally have so much to learn about my friend and I’m so excited she chose to share a little about her story here with me! Take a listen below.

Until next post folks…

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