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Wedding Series: Let’s Get Fit

Welcome back to my wedding series posts. I’ve been slacking a bit considering a lot of the planning is over now. All I’m doing now is paying off the balances and coming up with centerpiece designs. But now there is fun to be had as I prepare to walk down the aisle to my handsome future husband, and it starts with a good Bride-to-Be workout plan!!

With the help of my beautiful line sister, Tenaj Ferguson, I’m about to endeavor on a fitness journey using her SPARK Nutrition and Fitness program for 4 weeks starting September 5th to October 3rd. The price is originally $200/person, but if you join with me you can get $50 off of your participation cost.

Here is what you get with this program:

  1. One-on-one Consultation – Via Skype, Hangouts, or FaceTime you will be able to contact Tenaj and you will be able to discuss your goals and health needs up front.
  2. Meal Plan and Recipes– You will get customized meal plans that cater to women and our unique nutritional needs. There will be shopping lists built off of your weekly budget and food preferences.
  3. Training Program – This is a customized plan to make sure you get a great workout regardless of what type of equipment you have access to and your fitness level.
  4. In-App Communication– This may be the highlight of the program because the app will request you take measurements, body photos and other metrics to monitor your fitness goals. Tenaj will then communicate with you about your progress and keep you encouraged
  5. Group Forum – If you will be joining me on this journey, you will be able to join a group discussion so if you lack  motivation one day or need some workout ideas, you will can tune in and get motivation from others in the group. I know I’ll need the group.

So if you are interested in joining me on this journey please contact me here or send your requests to and mention X is for Xcellent as your source. Please let me know by September 1st if you want to join me so we can be ready to build our best bodies come September 5th. I’ll be recording snippets of some of my workouts and posting them here so be on the look out for my progress too once my program begins!!

Until next post folks…

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