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Small Business Sunday: DeRaye & Co.

Alexandra DeRaye Funches is a graphic designer by trade that comes from a family line of entrepreneurs. Also the name DeRaye is a family jewel passed on through 3 generations. Alex chose to use her middle name as the name of her company as she attributes much of her success to the support of her family to start her own businesses.

DeRaye & Company started in 2005 as primarily a business for bath and body products selling everything from body butters and lotions to body sprays and soaps. After graduating from the North Carolina Agricultural and Technical University, her inspiration for products came from deciding what gifts to give during the holiday season. Armed with an idea and willing family to help her develop her crafts, Alex soon perfected her skin care line of plant based, 100% organic products.

The entire story of Alex’s entrepreneurship journey has had various turns, twists and directions. But now she has revamped her business and fueled it to move forward more successfully than before. Recently Alex moved to Charlotte and this year won the Women Entrepreneurs 2.0 Pitch Competition. As the recipient of $1,000, she plans to use it to continue to expand her business to cover all of the services she can provide. Because she has so many talents, she wants her company to embody all that she has to offer. Listen in below to hear Brandi and Alex talk about the current and future plans for DeRaye & Co. If you would like to try some of her products please visit her site or visit her on Facebook.

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