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Small Business Sunday: Spark Designz L.L.C.

It’s always a party when you get a handful of tech nerds all in one place. X is for Xcellent felt like a block party when Britney Epps and Tim Noble joined me for  this interview. To say I was excited to finally talk a little bit of “techie” with them would be an understatement. Saying their passion for technology is anything less than contagious would also be an understatement. Saying that the future of Spark Designz L.L.C. is “LIT” would definitely be a understatement.

Since being apart of the Computer Science department at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, the dynamic “NERD” duo have always been known to be brilliant programmers. Britney and Tim went to national programming competitions representing NC A&T and conquered the coding challenges they faced at each event. Upon beginning their company, the pair put together a team of graphic designers, marketing professionals, iOS and Android developers who were also always ready to take on a good challenge. The Spark Designz team goal is ‘to SPARK up the world’ with seamless web and mobile applications designed to make business dreams a reality.

Tim and Britney both have incredible work-ethic and they enjoy collaborating with their dedicated teammates. But their concern with building up the community they live in/grew up in and with increasing the number of STEM grads are also a big part of why they do what they do. Their personal goals are to help others reach their dreams and encourage more people to pursue the STEM majors.  It’s their desire to one day create scholarship opportunities for students pursuing STEM majors, give back to their beloved NC A&T in the form of endowments, and to start a non-profit organization catering to building up the next generation of computer programmers.

Click below to hear the full conversation especially if you are looking to have a webpage or mobile app built out for your small business, music or even your blog. They do so much work and have experience working with so many different technologies, and the best part is these two never take a single opportunity to work with a new client for granted. I don’t want to spill the beans of everything we talked about, but I definitely look forward to witnessing the success Spark Designz L.L.C. will attain in the future.

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