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The Exchange with XchangeNC

One thing you should never doubt is the power of the entrepreneurial spirit. It’s hard to resist building your own business especially when you are looking to build a lasting legacy in your community using something you are passionate about as the foundation. Hence, it’s easy to see how Cory Bennett got tangled up in the entrepreneurial spirit as he tells the story of his aunt who was a business owner during the years before her passing. To this day, her legacy still stands as Cory famously dyes part of his beard pink in her honor as the fight against the disease that took her life still goes strong.

Other’s in Cory’s circle of friends are also business owners and many of them serve the Greater Charlotte area in various capacities. With a unique perspective of the city of Charlotte and it’s demographics, Cory felt he would best serve the community in starting a consulting firm for business development. Inspired by a current student, Cory decided to name his company XchangeNC Consulting L.L.C. for a couple reasons:

  1. X represents so many things: it marks the spot, you solve for it in math equations and it stands for ‘Xcellent‘ (so…he didn’t say this last part…I did…but you get the point lol). Simply put X is a solution that you can work towards.
  2. Change is inevitable and something that must be done. In order to find the appropriate course of action to help a company take its business to the next level, Cory encourages positive change in the company dynamics and function.
  3. Xchange is phonetically equivalent to the word ‘exchange‘, which in the finance world is the act of giving something and receiving something during a transaction. Cory believes in getting the necessary people in a room and beginning an exchange of ideas of how a business can be improved or a team can be more efficient.

The passion Cory has for starting his company and serving in his community is undeniable, but what else would you expect from a man of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Check out the full length interview below so you can hear him explain how he operates and his plans to grow this company into a legacy he can pass on to the next generation. And I promise you won’t regret listening. And if you find you are in need of his expertise email him at and let him know I sent you!

Until next post folks…

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