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Freestyle Friday: Saving Our Edges

Happy Friday everyone. Hope you are enjoying the first Friday of June. I simply could not wait to get this post up because this interview is so important. It’s about something many of us ladies and gentlemen really hold dear to our hearts.

Our Edges.

If you haven’t seen the Save My Edges pledge video, please check it out before reading any further. But as my civic duty to help encourage full edges and healthy hair, I introduce to you The Hair Maven.

When you hear the word ‘maven’ what are your first thoughts?


In Charge?


If you thought of at least one of these you would absolutely be correct in describing The Hair Maven also known as Stephanie Cornelius. Fresh off of her recent nuptials, The Hair Maven has come into the spring season with creative ideas to keep your hair as healthy as it looks.

Since getting her license in high school, Stephanie has been creating beautiful looks for her clients year in and year out. She has kept her skills fresh and up-to-date with continuing education and seminars. Not only has she been active in the hair community promoting healthy hair practices, she has been asked by many other stylists to become an educator and featured stylist at some events. With her full line up of products for natural hair, chemically processed hair or sensitive scalps, you definitely want to check out what The Hair Maven has to offer.

You can book her at StyleSeat, follow her on Facebook by searching “The Hair Maven” or follow her on Instagram at @thehairmaven. Click below to listen to the full interview with Stephanie.

And remember to stand with stylists like The Hair Maven and take the pledge to save edges. Until next post folks…

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