Talking with a Banker

This is actually something I’ve been doing for the past 6 months that I’ve found really useful. The banker I’ve been talking with helped me set up my first account at my new bank and has been looking out for me and making suggestions ever since. And as funny as it sounds, his opinion really counts for me. He is honest about the limitations of my account as well as forthcoming with the opportunities I have as a result of having the account. He also makes sure I know the climate of banks and credit unions and how my money can be most usefully allocated in my various accounts. I’d recommend him for anyone.

The time spent building a relationship with my banker and the conversations we’ve had on my interests and my goals has been so productive that we learn from each other. I talk to him about investing and he talks to me about banking. Interestingly enough not many people really care to learn the difference and why both have a place in the open conversation about finances.

Online banking has become the standard because it is easy and convenient, however, I recommend if you are really looking to have someone talk you through the fine print of the fees, rules, and regulations on the account you are looking to open, definitely set up an appointment with a banker. They can help you find accounts and lines of credit that are good for you based on your financial goals, credit score, and even your current life situation. It seems super trivial, but I seriously wouldn’t have chosen the account I currently have that is so custom to me if I just set it up online. Trust me on this. You don’t want to just open something mindlessly. Ask for help.

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