Wedding Series

Wedding Series: Picking the Date

I know I generally like to write about finance topics, but it’s spring time/time for peak season weddings and I’m thrilled about it. The beautiful bursts of colors and warm weather both lend themselves to make a perfect environment celebrate love. I’m in 3 weddings this year during the peak season and I’m super excited and honored to apart of them. I’ve threatened one of my best friends from high school that’s getting married in July that I was going to alter my dress to be a breakaway dress so I can hit all my queues for the potential bridal party line dance at the reception. She wasn’t enthused about the idea, so I’ll leave the dress alone and stay in formation.

But not one of those 3 weddings is mine. My wedding is a good 4 months removed from peak wedding season. A few folks have asked why I’m choosing to have a wedding later in the year and here are a few reasons I considered a late fall/early winter wedding:

  1. My dad said we should have a long engagement. By then it will be more than a year of engagement. I think that’s a fair amount of time.
  2.  I, unfortunately, sweat profusely at the drop of a dime in the summer so the cooler weather will help protect the beauty of my dress from sweat stains.
  3. It’s pretty easy to book venues you actually want in the off season. I guess this is why it’s called the “off season”.
  4. Off season weddings provide some price savings for some services. My videographer took $500 off the all day package for us just because we have an off season wedding.
  5. Honeymoon in the Caribbean or Hawaii will have 70-80 degree weather while back home it will be somewhere in the 30’s and 40’s. I’m okay with leaving the cold weather behind for a week.

Is there anyone else who got married in the fall or winter months? What were some of the pro’s and con’s you experienced when planning and getting married in the off season?


PS: I’m still accepting all donations towards my student loan. I accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX and PayPal.



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