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Small Business Sunday: Demar Jones and BreakTapes

Listening to Demar Jones talk is almost as lyrical as listening to his music. During our conversation, I felt as if he could probably write 16 bars for each question I asked. Like his music, his personality is easy to engage with and his work ethic is contagious. His social consciousness takes shape in his music as he delivers passion filled words about his life experiences and understanding of the society we live in. With each track he welcomes you to see the world through the lens of a southern bred, New York resident.

Before I proceed, please go visit this site and download Demar Jones’ song Paradise. I promise you won’t regret it and it will make reading this post a little more enjoyable. You’ll understand exactly what I mean once you hear it.

In the song Paradise, you’ll hear Demar guide you through his story of leaving Charlotte to make his own path in the concrete jungle of NYC. His inflection and diction will probably make you feel like you were walking beside him seeing the sites he saw and feeling the  emotions he felt; story telling at its finest. But upon settling down in the city of big dreams, Demar found more than just the opportunity to get into the music industry as an artist. He found a need in the music industry and developed a product to fill it.

After moving to NYC, Demar was in the studio often making music, collaborating with friends and like minded artists to build a unique and marketable sound. Demar briefly explored the superficial style of rap music that dominates radio waves now, but quickly his discomfort with writing music that didn’t address social and cultural issues stopped him from going down this path. His brand of music had to mean something and it had to be heard.

Quickly the need to distribute all of this new music with the world came to the forefront of operations. Traditionally artists would buy CD’s in bulk and burn a single or a mixtape to distribute out at performances, but Demar and his partners felt this practice was antiquated in a world where MP3 and digital music was readily available.

And from there the concept for BREAKTAPES™ was born.

BREAKTAPES™ are portable MP3 players with a preloaded mixtape or or single. You can also order them with clean memory so you can preload them with songs once they are delivered to your door. Once you open the packages, the BREAKTAPES™ are charged so all you need to do is pop in your favorite set of headphones and have a listen. This changed the game because often when artists distributed their CD to potential supporters, those who received it had to wait until they were near a CD player before they could hear the song. Now the wait is removed and people are about to more conveniently listen and support up and coming artists, hence the name BREAKTAPES™ because this could set someone up for their “big break”.

Recently the BREAKTAPES crew upgraded the product so that you could download video on the device. This product offers so many options to anyone who sees this as an opportunity to spread their music or their words to others outside of the online community. Of course musicians could use this to help layer tracks as different musicians put their additions to a song, but pastors looking to reach out to their communities could use this to record sermons and distribute them at conferences.

This super versatile product can be used in many creative ways. If you’re interested don’t hesitate to contact the BREAKTAPES™ crew here. If you’re interested in more of Demar’s music, he has a fresh new project that just hit the road this week called “Welcome To The Ghetto” (listen here ) and follow him on Instagram at @demarjones to keep up with his upcoming projects.

I think he’s alright for a Giants fan (lol)…but until next post folks.


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