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Small Business Sunday: Pamper Us MMS L.L.C.

Five years ago today, you would have found Brandi Fox muddling through the internet looking up how to get a business license, how to register the business with the county and everything she can find to help her get her new business idea off the ground. Inspired by a Valentine’s Day massage with her husband, Brandi wondered what it would take to create an entire spa-like experience in the comforts of one’s own home.

A friend of the family had recently graduated from what is now known as the Southeastern Institute in Charlotte and was looking to build clientele. His first Valentines Day massage session was with the Fox pair as they were looking to support a friend. Then the idea sparked and from there Pamper Us Mobile Massage Service, L.L.C. was born.

Brandi had no desire to actually become a massage therapist, but she wanted to create a convenient way for people to enjoy personal pampering in the comfort of their own home. There wasn’t another business model like the one she was developing in the Charlotte area, so unfortunately Brandi really had no one to reach out to for information or help. After a month of searching and filling out paperwork, Brandi finally received her business license on March 18, 2011.

The service offering was limited to massage therapy until 2012 when she was able to network with nail technicians and makeup artists willing to provide mobile services. Brandi only utilizes licensed and certified massage therapists, nail technicians, and make-up artists in their respected craft and therefore able to build credibility with her clientele. Although the business model was simple and there were no overhead costs to set up shop, generating clientele was far from easy.

In the beginning, business was not always flowing in the door and some service providers found working with Pamper Us being more of an expense than being a platform for growth. Being able to supply those licensed professionals with adequate payment while trying to find a profit for herself was a uphill battle especially since many of the beginning appointments cam through Charlotte Deal Saver platform. The Charlotte Deal Saver was a way to get the company name out there, but the prices that Brandi had to offer barely covered the expenses necessary. She was only making $5/appointment and soon found that customers only wanted the deals with no intention of becoming recurring customers.

Fast forward to 2016 and Pamper Us has a fully built out website, mobile app and loyal customers. Since adding an event planning component, Pamper Us has been able to build even more custom experiences for their clients each time they book an appointment. Whether for bridal parties, girls’ night in, or a couple’s themed appointment, the Pamper Us crew has the perfect decorations to set the tone and provide the services with great professionalism. Also this year, Pamper Us is working to change the way that men see pampering services. Men usually are uncomfortable in the public spa or nail salon venues, but by offering the basic pedicures and full body massages in the comfort of their own homes, Pamper Us is hoping to engage more men in the spa services culture.

The future is so bright for Brandi and the Pamper Us MMS crew. With plans to expand her service area to Rock Hill (SC) and the Triad area of NC in 2017, she is sure to have a legacy to pass on to her two beautiful kids. For more information on her services, visit her website, download the app (Apple or Android)  or visit her Facebook page.

If you are ready to experience “Relaxation. Simplified” with Pamper Us, please send her an email at  or call at 704-323-6282 for booking your all inclusive, in-house spa service.

Thank you Brandi for the opportunity to chat with you about Pamper Us MMS!!

Until next post folks…

And check out the full interview I did with Brandi below:

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