Uptown Photoshoot with Gavin

Gavin B. might be my favorite guy behind the lens. Everything from setting up shoots, time spent and thought behind each shot, he is professional in every way.

Right down to the Retro Jordan shoes on his feet.

Gavin is always evolving his work to capture life events and depict stories that people want to tell simply using his camera. He makes you feel comfortable about the shoot, even if you have no idea how you want to begin or where to start. With Gavin’s gentle guidance, he allows so much room for your story, your personality and each moment to flow freely through the shoot. And each shot he takes is priceless. With a fine eye for great shots and A-1 editing skills, I see no limits for Chimera’s Dream.

But in all honesty, I had no purpose for this shoot except I wanted to have something to put on my blog and share a bit of my personality through pictures. I’m so proud of how great these pictures came out and I’m even more proud that the human I knew as a 9 year old has built a tremendous and timeless brand for himself.

Thanks Gavin!!!

To see more of his work and to BOOK HIM: http://www.gavinboulware.com/lifestyle/

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