Company Review Thursday

Company Review Thursday: The Introduction

After my first couple of posts, I decided Thursdays are a good day to try to highlight a single company just to bring in actual stock market happenings. The point of this blog is to teach and make people aware, but the principles you learn here can actually be applied in life. I think this type of exercise will help you see what I look for in investments so you can figure out what you want to look for when you’re doing your own research for investment opportunities.

In each review, I’ll be highlighting the good, the bad and the ugly of companies that I follow on a regular basis. Some I have actually invested in, and some I have not. I’ll be sure to post what my status is on each company I write about for your information. But to keep track of it all, I really want to use a hashtag and I was hoping maybe you (as the readers) can interact with my blog more by using the hashtag. Here are some of my ideas:

1) #TasiaPickThursday
2) #TopPickThursday
3) #TheTasiaReview
4) #TheXFiles
5) #TasiaReviewThursday

If you have an idea or preference from the ones I’ve listed, feel free to leave me a comment about it below. Thanks in advance.

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